Eyelid Surgery Recovery - Healing After Blepharoplasty

After your surgery with local anaesthetic, you will be able to go home shortly afterwards. You may find you need some pain relief to help with any discomfort  and you will need to have someone to take you home.

We will give you advice about caring for your eyes after your surgery and you may be given lubricating eye drops and antibiotic eye ointment to use at home. You will also be given an appointment for a follow-up consultation with your surgeon.

The recovery time after cosmetic eyelid surgery varies with each patient, and your surgeon will give you advice to help with recovery, to help reduce any swelling or bruising.

Stitches are usually removed by your surgeon around five days after your operation. There tends to be some swelling around your eyes, but this can be reduced by applying a cold compress to the area after your surgery and frequently in the days after.

You will be advised to keep your head elevated for a few days, sleep propped up on two or three pillows, and not to bend down for long periods. This helps to reduce bruising and swelling. Clean around your eyes with cooled boiled water, dabbing gently with cotton wool balls or lint to keep the eyelids clean.

You will be given advice about the use of any lubricating drops and any ointment your surgeon has given you.

Your vision may be affected for a few days after the operation, so do not drive until your vision returns to normal. Refrain from wearing contact lenses, and avoid using make-up, for a few weeks after surgery.

You may be advised to use one of the new preparations that are now available to be used postoperatively to promote rapid healing and minimize any possible scaring from the surgery. Your surgeon can advise you further on this.